Good Walk - Ek Kadam Ek Pahal
8th to 19th March 2022



Good Walk, Ek Kadam Ek pahal 2022
Covid-19 has put all our lives and health on hold. It forced us to re-evaluate our priorities and pause from normal life. While everyone worked towards health care, no one thought about the basic hygiene needs of womxn from marginalized communities.
Good Walk – Ek Kadam Ek Pehal is a virtual walk to encourage people to take care of their well-being while contributing to a pressing issue like Menstrual Hygiene. The profit proceedings of the walk go to support womxn from marginalized communities with sustainable menstrual needs.
Problem Statement
Of rural womxn in India do not use hygienic menstrual products
Of mothers consider menstruation as impure
Of the country’s population are menstruatorsOf the country’s population are menstruators
Of Womxn in rural India are estimated to use sanitary napkins
How does it works
Expected Impact of Good Walk 2022
To Create a dialogue about menstrual health & sustainability by bringing womxn’s health at the center and breaking the stigma & taboos.
womxn will be enabled with Sustainable Menstrual Education & Products (cups & pads).
Non-biodegradable pads (90000 kgs) will be prevented  from ending up in landfills.
will be saved by switching to sustainable menstrual products  rather than spending it on single use & non-biodegradable pads.
Expected Impact of Good Walk 2022
Cloth Pads
Menstrual Cup
Follow up
1 Health
2 Environment
3 Global Collective
5 Economical
Highlights of the Walk
Its a global Virtual Walk
People from more than 30 country will be participating
The proceeds goes to social cause
Be a womxn health champion
More than 10 Ambassador, 20 Change Makers & 50 Media Influencer will be joining us
What You Get
Every participant gets a certificate. Finishers get a
beautiful finisher medal and goodies
Exclusive interview of corporate representatives
on our all social media handles
The organization gets a special framed Certificate of Recognition (minimum 100 participants)
The top contributors/participants get a trophy for their contribution to sustainable menstrual health
Social Media
Brand presence on our webpage and social media platform
A comprehensive report will be give to all the organization (minimum 100 employees)
  • Environmental Impact- Amount  of menstrual waste prevented from entering landfills and carbon footprint.
  • Social Impact- Measuring socio-economic impact on womxn communities we are supporting
  • Data driven Governance
    • How many joined for the walk?
    • How much fund was raised?
    • How many benefitted from the cause?
  • Include in your company’s annual sustainable and environmental Impact report
  • Fulfillment of CSR mandate

* We are 80G compliant, We can provide you the 80G benefits

Partner with us through Sponsorship or bulk ticket purchase
Sponsoring womxn’s sustainable menstrual needs for one year
Sponsor goodies bag, Medals, trophy, Influencer’s kits
Sponsor our community catalyst and leaders