Support 10,000 womxn/Adolescent
girls with cloth pad or menstrual cup
Empower Women
Make Greener

Anyone, any age group –

• Students
• Working Professionals
• Housewives
• Runners

• Sports Enthusiast
• Older people
• Anyone who is concerned about water.

Step 1

Register on our website. Get your bibs

Step 2

Walk on the day, track the walk & share us the stats

Step 3

Get your certificate,medal at your doorsteps

Step 4

Create impact by helping 5,000 women


A good Walk is a 12-day event where we invite runners to participate in their own leisure time


You decide. From the comfort of your own home, society, locality, nearby public park, a treadmill in your gym.

  • It is a global virtual walk
  • People from more than 15 countries will be participating
  • The walk is aligned to un SDG-3, good health, and wellbeing
  • This program will impact 10,000 marginalized women in India enabling them to make the right decisions on menstrual hygiene

Anyone, any age group –

  • 10,000 womxn will be given cloth pads/ menstrual cups
  • 24,00,000 nonbiodegradable would not end up in landfills
  • 1,44,00,000 rupees will be saved which empower women financially
  • Create a dialogue around general and menstrual health
  • Bringing the global community together to campaign on MHM
  • Bringing womxn ‘s health to the center and breaking the stigma
  • Collective action to Address womxns health

The people who stand to benefit from Good Universe Virtual Walk are the 5,000 women from marginalized communities. The proceedings from the run will go for their maintenance of menstrual hygiene and health with sustainable products like cloth pads, menstrual cups, etc.

We would like to generate impacts on two areas, one aligning with the UN SDG 3 (good health and wellbeing) and targeting this goal with a positive impact on the health and hygiene practices of the marginalized women community and bring sustainable menstruation which has less impact on climate change. Hence, with your support you’ll achieve more than just your goal, you’ll be helping us to reach ours too.